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Quatram - Dot Net - Why would I want it?

Many reasons, not least of which is the flexibility of being able to develop solutions in your preferred development language which compiles to the common language for execution. This means that its possible to mix development teams and their code in a single application and that the resultant code is equally performant

Or how about the ease with which Rich-Client (Windows) solutions can be developed alongside Browser-based applications, in particular that the same skills required to build one can now be applied to the other - no need for specialst teams of web developers

Or perhaps you might have Web designers, with graphic skills but no software develpment background - you can mix your teams, letting the developers provide code modules which the specialist look-and-feel designers can plug into their screens

Maybe you'd like the ability to use and manipulate that XML that everyone's talking about without having to poke your head way way under the bonnet? .Net handles all this for you behind the scenes in a relatively standard database interface kind of way which traditional developers would recognise

Need to implement a multi-language or multi-cultural solution? .Net provides some nifty little tools, not only to make this easier to develop, but easier to deploy

And talking of deployment - no more of this big installation routines and editing of the registry to make Rich-Client applications work - its now pretty much a copy and paste exercise

Speed of development an issue? A few reliable surveys - including ourselves - have identified that .Net development does result in a reduced number of lines of code. This makes it quicker to develop and easier to debug too!

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